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Lost & Found

The test.

Is it over? Did I pass?

Or is it just the calm before the storm?


Rattled. Shaken and Stirred.

Lost beyond any measures.

How long will it last?



Is that light I see at the end of the tunnel?

Am I found?¬†I don’t know.


~ For 3ww.



It’s hazardous.

It brings back all the pain.

Instead of taking them away.

But I still take a sip.

It all starts with a glass of vodka.


Everyone else seems so happy.

And here I am,

All alone and lonely.

With nothing to show for my existence.

With no one to call mine.


I whine. I complain.

I should do something.

But I don’t.

I have many excuses.

I am afraid.

I am a loser.


Another sip. Another shot.

Another stab. Another cut.


It shouldn’t hurt this much.

But it does anyway.

Lovelorn, suffocating.

The only thing that keeps going is hope.

Hope for a good life, a better life.


I yearn for that one true love,

And true love’s kiss.

Which will wake me and take me

To a land far far away.

Where we will live happily ever-after.


Maybe I am delusional.

Maybe it’s all a stupid dream.

But I protect them fiercely,

like endangered species.

Then I carry on.

Plastering a smile on my face.

Like there’s nothing wrong.

And continue drinking.


~For 3WW.


I do not feel the love. I do not feel the pain.

I do not feel the loss. I do not feel the gain.

I do not feel the day. I do not feel the night.

I do not feel the shade. I do not feel the light.

Everything is tangled, everything is a climb.

This is just a pretty poem which rhymes a couple time.

~ For 3WW

3 words, no title

“Halt!”, said the man.

I couldn’t enter.

I tried to reason.

He differed.

I am getting used to this.


Maybe things will be different,

Different in the future.

For now, I just imagine

Living, loving and being loved.


~ For 3WW.