Monthly Archives: July 2012


What a nice surprise.

People have started flirting.

Got an ego boost.



It’s hazardous.

It brings back all the pain.

Instead of taking them away.

But I still take a sip.

It all starts with a glass of vodka.


Everyone else seems so happy.

And here I am,

All alone and lonely.

With nothing to show for my existence.

With no one to call mine.


I whine. I complain.

I should do something.

But I don’t.

I have many excuses.

I am afraid.

I am a loser.


Another sip. Another shot.

Another stab. Another cut.


It shouldn’t hurt this much.

But it does anyway.

Lovelorn, suffocating.

The only thing that keeps going is hope.

Hope for a good life, a better life.


I yearn for that one true love,

And true love’s kiss.

Which will wake me and take me

To a land far far away.

Where we will live happily ever-after.


Maybe I am delusional.

Maybe it’s all a stupid dream.

But I protect them fiercely,

like endangered species.

Then I carry on.

Plastering a smile on my face.

Like there’s nothing wrong.

And continue drinking.


~For 3WW.

The Dark Knight Rises! Awesome Movie!

So, after months of waiting, I finally got to see the new Batman yesterday and it was EPIC!! Could it be any better? My mouth was literally open during all times and all the twists were very unexpected. Christopher Nolan is really the best super-hero movie director of all times.

This genre is plagued by silly plot lines, over dependence on effects/CGI and useless 3D gimmicks. However, The Dark Knight Rises actually has some substance and back story to it. It isn’t always happy-happy and instead adopts a much darker theme.

Some thoughts: *Spoiler Alert*

  • I never saw the villain twist coming. I can usually spot these things from a mile away but I guess, this time I was too engrossed in the movie. However, the-girl-from-the-Inception lacks the chops to be a proper villain. She appears too fragile and sweet and the motivation to exact revenge for her father isn’t quite apparent from her face.
  • Talking about villains, how good was Tom Hardy as Bane! OMG, he is just brilliant. His acting is much much much more believable than that-girl-form-the-Inception and is simply terrifying as the masked man.
  • Christian Bale, as always, is brilliant in the main role. He has this rawness, vulnerable emotions that makes it easier for us to sympathize and root for him in a way no other Super-hero has done lately.
  • Even though I’ve seen the Bat (that flying thing) a dozen times in the trailer, I was still in awe . The visual effects were really good and props to Nolan for not going after the 3D bandwagon.
  • Anne Hathaway was okay in the role of Catwoman. I didn’t like it that much but didn’t hate it either.
  • I love Joseph Gordon Levitt and he too plays his character brilliantly. Even though I had read about it online, the ‘Robin’ twist was totally unexpected and pleasant. I am glad to know that someone will take the mantle after Bruce Wayne retired.

If you haven’t watched it, you have to go see it right now!

[It was a real tragedy about the shootings in Denver. May their souls rest in peace.]